Juvenile idiopathic arthritis. Symptoms. Treatment.

Juvenile idiopathic arthritis, also referred to as juvenile chronic arthritis is a disease attacking the joints especially children. Causes of the disease are not fully known, and the accompanying symptoms

World Day Against Hypertension 2014

On May 17, marks the tenth edition of the World Day Against Hypertension, established to raise awareness of a disease defined by the World Health Organization a “silent and invisible

Mental pain and depression kill DNA

Depression accelerates the aging of human cells by shortening its special sections of DNA that protect the molecule from damage. This is stated in an article published in the Molecular

Body weight affects survival in cancer

The survival in prostate cancer depends on the patient’s body weight. Overweight at diagnosis is associated with an increased risk of death from this disease. A new prognostic factor reported

The treatment of cysticercosis

Does albendazole help in cysticercosis treatment? Larva of pork tapeworm – the main cause of cysticercosis can be easily eleminated with albendazole (brand name Albenza). Cysticercosis – worm infection caused

The treatment of enterobiasis

Enterobiasis is the most common type of worm infestations. Pinworm (Enterobius) is thin white worm, living as a parasite in the gut and causing Enterobiasis. Is albendazole good for the

The treatment of hydatid cyst

Liver cyst is a cavity in the liver, filled with fluid. Approximately 0.8% of the population has liver cysts. Women have this disease 3-5 times more often than men, mainly

The treatment of giardiasis

Giardiasis is a huge problem in the world of medicine at the date. Giardia infects millions of people all over the world. Two-thirds of them are children under the age

The treatment of helminth infections

Helminthiasis is a very common type of disease. On average, one of every three people on Earth is the carrier of worms. This type of infection is extremely difficult to

Discover Valacyclovir benefits for Chickenpox treatment

Chickenpox is a very usual ailment that affects millions of population in the U.S.. Whereas a lot of people ween that it is harmless, it is actual condition that could