The treatment of helminth infections

Helminthiasis is a very common type of disease. On average, one of every three people on Earth is the carrier of worms. This type of infection is extremely difficult to diagnose. Clinical symptoms are usually unnoticed, and stool tests are not always inconclusive.

However, helminthiasis is treated with albendazole without any problem.

Taking into consideration the toxicity and side effects of pharmaceutical drugs in the treatment of certain diseases is not always necessary to resort to their aid. However, human body has little to oppose against helminths. Helminths are perfectly adapted to live in the human body. Some of them are able to modify and suppress the immune system function so that it simply can’t detect the worms in the body.

The probability of invasion by various kinds of worms for kids is quite high. Since helminth infections are difficult to diagnose and can cause various disorders in the child’s body, it is recommended regardless of the data analyzes to carry out preventive measures in view of the clinical symptoms of the disease. The World Health Organization recommends a preventive deworming treatment for children up to 7 years, 2 times a year. In case of need (increased incidence of helminth infections in the region or severe clinical symptoms in children) the unscheduled prevention is required.

Clinical practice shows that the maximum effect can be achieved two or more anthelmintic drugs are used. The effectiveness of the integrated use of anthelmintic drugs is 2-3 times higher than using a single drug. Pyrantel also having anthelmintic action should be used at pinworm invasions, but its efficiency is lower comparing to mebendazole, wherein the toxicity of both drugs is approximately the same.

You should also pay attention to safety of anthelmintic drugs, because doctors often disagree in this view. The side effects Specified in the instructions may appear in special cases when the drug is used in much higher doses for immunomodulation. vermoxMebendazole (brand name Vermox) is non-absorbent medicament with a narrow spectrum of activity. In the absence of worms in the gut, it is excreted in primary form, does not interact with anything. albenzaFinally, albendazole (brand name Albenza) in last 20 years is being considered the most effective anthelmintic drug in the world.

Anthelmintic treatment can have side effects caused by the death of the worms under the influence of drugs (intoxication products of destruction of worms). Among the main symptoms of toxicity during treatment with anthelmintic agents are:

  • nausea
  • dizziness
  • diarrhea
  • abdominal pain
  • hyperthermia (rare)
  • urticarial

These side effects are short and can be corrected by admission of adsorbing substances. You may start taking sorbent in advance if you anticipate significant side effects. The doctor should advise you the safest anthelmintic treatment, but also should mention possible side effects, explaining their mechanisms.